How To Stop Cats From Spraying

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You walk in the door and you know there is a problem right away. What is that smell . . . cat pee?! It's so strong you want to walk right back out again, you wish you could, but someone has to deal with the problem. Someone has to find it and clean it up, and that someone is you. But, isn't it just going to happen again, and again, and again? Why? Why is this happening to me? That is a good question. The next question is, “How do I stop this?” We are going to go over both of these important questions.

First, let's answer the why. There are really two completely separate problems that you could be having. Your cat could either be urinating because it has to, or it could be spraying because it wants to.

In the first scenario the fix if pretty simple! If your cat doesn't have somewhere to go, it will go somewhere. Or, if the litter box is not in good working order, it will go somewhere else. Since you are the type of person that looks up information to help improve you and your cat's life, I doubt either of these is your problem.

The second reason could be your problem. Cats spray to communicate something. What are they trying to communicate? Usually one of two things: either they are claiming something as in a territory, or it is part of their mating behavior. What we need to do is change the context so that they no longer feel the need to spray.

The most common solution to the mating behavior problem is to get them neutered. It can also be helpful if they don't have any other contact with cats, that way the behavior may never be triggered. It is a little different when cats spray to claim territory though.

Why does your cat need to claim territory? For some reason your cat feels that it needs to mark its space, to say “This is mine.” If we can eliminate that, then we have our solution.

Anything that reduces stress can help your cat feel more comfortable in his, and your, space. One thing that helps is keeping things consistent. Everything be done is the same way at the same time can have a calming effect as the feeling of routine sets in.

Does your cat have enough space? We are just talking about wide open space here. Cats like to have little places, places to hide, places to be by themselves. They like to climb on top of things and to crawl under things. They like to have space where no one and nothing else can get to, where they can't be disturbed.

If your cat is sensing other cats near the house outside then they may feel that they need to mark their territory. Limiting this contact can help. Something similar could be happening within the home. If there has been a new person or animal introduced your cat may feel that it needs to communicate where its territory is. Help these two (or three, or four) get along and you will be on your way to an enduring peace.

Lastly, we get back to that original problem. Odors around the house, especially animal odors (like cat urine), can make a cat want to spray to communicate its ownership of some space. A fifty-fifty mix of water and vinegar can help to neutralize that smell.

You and your cat can live in peace and harmony, including a decent smell, when you understand what your cat is trying to communicate and take the necessary steps to help both them and you.

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